Natural Gas
(RNG) :

an inspiring energy source

What is biogas?

Biogas is a fuel produced by a process of fermentation and decomposition of residual organic substances, in the absence of oxygen, called biomethanization. This process makes it possible to produce renewable natural gas (RNG). RNG is a solution of choice because it is a 100% renewable energy. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it is an interesting alternative to allow municipalities to manage their residual materials efficiently.

Where does RNG come from?

Organic waste

Waste collecting


Did you know? It is the natural biological process of degradation of organic matter in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic).

From biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG)

Distribution through the network

Final Result:









Résultat final :


Résultat final :


Advantages of RNG

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a 100% renewable energy, also called biogas for its many environmental benefits:

It is entirely renewable;

It can be produced locally;

It restricts greenhouse gas emissions because it is not fossilized;

It recovers methane emissions from the landfilling of organic waste.

RNG Environmental Impact

Renewable natural gas limits greenhouse gas emissions and avoids methane emissions. In fact, methane emissions are often linked to organic waste and its landfilling.

So what is renewable natural gas made of? First of all, RNG contributes to the management of residual organic matter, such as food and agri-food residues, sewage sludge and wastewater, which represent a challenge to manage. The development of these materials creates a source of energy with a positive environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the use of these materials makes it possible to obtain energy produced in Québec and to ensure the sustainability of the local economy.

The Use of Biogas

Biogas is a combustible gas. It is therefore a source of energy and can be used to produce :

  • heat;
  • cooking;
  • biofuels.

In summary, anything that requires energy!

In other words, it allows you to :

  • Prepare supper;
  • Boil water;
  • Travel to school or work;
  • Take a hot shower;
  • Heat pool water;

Exciting project

Biogas and RNG projects are operating and being developed across the country!

Interesting fact

Biomass accounts for a significant portion of the renewable energy produced. In Canada, that portion is 24%, second only to hydroelectricity (68%).*